Company Dynamics

Average Deal Size

Average dollar amount of each won deal, or a year’s worth of subscription revenues

Close Ratio

Percentage of total appointments your reps can turn into customers

Campaign Inputs

Total Target Accounts

Number of potential accounts to be targeted in the campaign

Cost Per Month (no-commitment)

Amount Leadingly charges in each campaign term

Monthly Results



Number of Appointments Generated

Increases as campaign progresses and tactics improve



Number of Appointments Set

Projected number of won deals based on appointments generated and close ratio



Gross Cost Per Appointment

Total costs divided by the number of appointments set; decreases as the campaign progresses



Cost Per Customer Added

Total costs divided by number of deal conversions; also decreases as the campaign proceeds



Gross New Revenue Generated

Projected dollar amount of sales from customers acquired in the campaign. This only shows first campaign



Appointment setting Costs

Total investment per month



Net New Revenue Generated

The additional sales amount minus the total costs per term



Full Monthly Campaign Results

Number of Appointments Generated

The total appointments set count at the end of the campaign


Number of Deals Converted

The total number of appointments set in the campaign that turned into customers


Gross Additional Sales Closed

The total amount of new business acquired in the campaign


Net Additional Sales Closed

The amount of new business generated by the campaign minus total campaign costs


Gross ROI

The ratio of gross additional sales closed over total investment



The ratio of net additional sales closed over total investment